Caring For Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

As the pandemic wears on it takes a toll on our collective and individual mental health. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re struggling with worry and uncertainty and try be mindful that others may be too. There are a few methods you can practice to help you stay calm, manage pandemic related anxiety and care for your mental health during this stressful time.

Adhere to public health measures

Being diligent about following public health recommendations can help you feel confident that you are doing all you can to limit your risk. Click to learn how you can help prevent the spread. 

Limit the news and unplug from social media

While it’s important to be informed of the current situation, overconsumption of pandemic related media can create hysteria and exacerbate feelings of anxiety. As we obsess and focus more on the virus our perception of the threat increases, even as the actual risk remains the same. Find trusted sources of information such as the Government of Canada or your provincial health authority. Your Super Thrifty pharmacist is well apprised of the situation in your area and can help answer your questions or direct you to trusted sources of information. We can also be a reassuring voice.

Stop talking about it

Sharing the latest pandemic news keeps us focused on it, which also increases our perception of risk. Redirect the conversation or ask others not to discuss it with you. Not only will this help you feel less anxious, it’ll help others too.

Distract yourself

Take up a hobby, read a book, bake a cake or otherwise distract yourself from the constant onslaught of pandemic information. Having something to focus your attention on can help you stay present and feel less anxious.

Be kind to yourself and others

Helping others can make us feel less helpless against our own fears and can be a saving grace to those who need it. Even the simplest gesture can make big a difference on both ends. We are all struggling, but we are stronger together.


Many virtual resources that have been developed to help you care for your mental health during this stressful time. Again, be sure you are accessing reputable services.

Anxiety Canada has hosted online town hall meetings with mental health experts and created an app, online courses and other resources to help you manage pandemic related anxiety.

For Manitoba residents, the province of Manitoba has created a virtual therapy program to help connect you with a trained therapist who will guide you through a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program designed to address anxiety symptoms related to the pandemic.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis and is in need immediate help visit Crisis Services Canada to find support services in your area.