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Back-to-school season is the time to organize our lives

(NC) For many Canadian families back-to-school season is the time to organize our thoughts and lives. Clarity and preparation starts at home as a clean and organized home sets the tone for everything we do. One common item many families will come across when fall cleaning their home is old cell phones. While used cell phones are extremely common and are gathering dust in drawers across Canada, many of us do not know how to properly dispose of them.

How Canadians can do their part to help the environment

(NC) Old cell phones are an item almost all Canadians have come across when cleaning their home. The challenge of knowing how and where to dispose of old cell phones often results in individuals simply discarding them or putting them back in a drawer to be dealt with at a later time. Recycle My Cell, Canada's free cell phone recycling program, makes it easy to dispose of your old wireless devices responsibly.

• The program recovered 865,418 wireless devices in 2014.

• 5,748,009 wireless devices have been recovered since 2005.

Cell Phone Recycling is an Easy Call

(NC) Most of us have owned on average three or four cell phones prior to our current one. That means that a lot of us likely have a slew of old devices that are either getting hidden away in junk drawers or disposed of incorrectly

Get your property ready for fall with these quick tips

man checking gutters in fall

(NC) As the days grow shorter, it's time to think about preparing your yard, gutters, windows, roof and heating system for the coming winter. Check these essentials off your list and you will be finished in no time:


Rodents and ants like to hide in piles of leaves or wood near houses. These should be removed to prevent pests from coming inside, especially in the absence of anti-rodent trim.

How to avoid damaging water infiltration

(NC) Water damage can easily turn into a terrible nightmare like this: Melanie Smith of Toronto says she woke up one morning to an inch of water across her basement floor. This catastrophe was not part of her weekend plans, nor were the hours of clean-up and repair that were needed. Many of her treasured possessions could not be replaced. Some of the risks of water infiltration, however, can be prevented. Regular inspection and rigourous maintenance of the roof, gutters and foundation will give you the best protection since problems usually start in those areas.

Prepare your skin now for the colder months

lady putting facial moisturizer on

(NC) Cold and dry air takes a toll on our skin. Right now, prepare your skin for winter by following the Canadian Health Food Association's (CHFA) tips on how you can nourish it from within.

Did you know that our internal health is just as important to the skin's condition as what we put on its surface? A balanced diet, which includes certain key nutrients, will add vibrancy to your complexion and help you nourish your skin from the inside out.