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How to Cope with the Winter Blues

(NC) During colder months, many of us can suffer from what's known as the winter blues. Symptoms can include crankiness, fatigue, low energy and anxiety, and are usually caused by the shorter days we experience in our winters. Feel healthier and happier so you can take advantage of what the winter wonderland has to offer with these three tips from the Canadian Health Food Association.

A Homeowner's Winter Safety Guide

(NC) The cold winter months often bring a host of repairs and tasks that are necessary to prepare our homes for the weather. After you have insulated your walls and windows, wrapped your water pipes and cleaned your fireplace, what more can you do to ensure your home and family are winter-ready and safe?

Fire Prevention Tips for a Safe Winter Season

(NC) With the winter weather here to stay, many of us are waiting out the cold in the comfort of our homes. Whether you're wishing for warmer days or enjoying your time with indoor activities, it is important to keep home safety top of mind. Here are a few important safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association:

New Year's Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier You

(NC) January is a great time for new beginnings. With the new year come new adventures, experiences, challenges and growth. Whether you've already set your New Year's resolutions or don't believe in them at all, January is a great time to focus on growth. Here are a few resolutions that you can start today.

Try more new things. Instead of going to the same restaurant, try a new one. Do something different on the weekend and consider joining a gym, dance or language class to break out of your routine.

Superbugs: 5 Facts You Need to Know

(NC) Superbugs are more than just the latest health scare — they're a very real threat that mean curing common illnesses like pneumonia and urinary tract infections may soon not be as simple as a quick trip to the doctor and prescription for an antibiotic.

Teach Your Children the Value of Giving

(NC) If you're a parent or grandparent looking for a gift idea, why not consider making a charitable gift in the child's name? Embedded in philanthropy is often the concept of empathy, a critical social and emotional skill. Many parents who value philanthropy and wish to support the development of empathy in their children want to pass this value on to their kids.

If this is something that you value, it's important to start talking to children about philanthropy early in their lives and continue to have those discussions as they grow.