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Cell Phone Recycling is an Easy Call

(NC) Most of us have owned on average three or four cell phones prior to our current one. That means that a lot of us likely have a slew of old devices that are either getting hidden away in junk drawers or disposed of incorrectly

Teach college students how to make their money last

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(NC) One of the biggest challenges students face when they head back to school is managing their money. In fact, an RBC Student Finances Poll reveals that 71% of respondents are worried that their savings will not cover all of their school expenses for the year.

Easy Tips for Covering Grey Hair At-Home

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(NC) One of the most dreaded beauty nightmares for many women is the first appearance of grey hair. Of the 58 per cent of Canadian women who colour their hair, 67 per cent colour to cover grey hair, according to a recent poll from Research House Inc. Achieving the right hair colour can brighten your skin tone, bring out your eyes and even just make you feel good. While getting your hair done at the salon can be pricy, there are several simple tips to get the job done at home for a lot less and still achieve the shiny, vibrant results that every woman wants.

Are you getting enough sleep?

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(NC) Sleep is a key factor in keeping the body and mind happy and healthy. Unfortunately Canadians are not getting enough, with one in seven suffering from insomnia.

Studies have shown that not getting the recommended amount of sleep (seven to eight hours for adults) can lead to some scary effects on the body including:

• Diminished problem solving and creativity skills;

• A compromised immune system;

• Weight gain;

• Long and short term memory loss;

• Higher risk of strokes and heart disease.

Know the signs of heat stroke and illness. It could save your life

(NC) Heat-related illnesses can creep up on you so quickly you may not even know you're at risk, which is why it's important to know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Take time to protect yourself and your family this summer. Environment Canada forecasts that many places in Canada can expect an increase in the number of days with temperatures over 30°C/86°F. Even something as simple as staying in the shade, where it can be 5°C/9°F cooler than the surrounding area can make a big difference in avoiding heat stress.

Signs of heat illness

Here's one anti-smoking message you haven't heard before

(NC) You've heard it all, right? Everyone knows that smoking kills, causes impotence and that second-hand smoke is dangerous, especially for children and unborn babies. Smoking is the cause of a slew of other health problems, including lung cancer. But did you know that smokers who call a smoker's quitline are more likely to be successful at quitting than those who don't?

According to Health Canada, smokers who take advantage of the one-on-one support of a quitline counsellor can improve their chances of quitting successfully.