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Host the most Canadian Canada Day barbecue ever, Eh

If there's one day we love to boldly display our national pride, it's Canada Day. Combining glorious weather, delicious food and entertaining company, this holiday is one of our country's favourites. But do you find that yourself attending (or hosting) the same celebration year after year? This July, why not throw a party that stands out from other years with the following tips:

10 camping must-haves for every Canadian long weekend

Three in five Canadians say they are likely to go camping this summer, according to a recent survey from Ipsos and Energizer Canada. Two thirds of those do most of their camping during long weekends – so this means you are likely in the process of gearing up right now.

Camping safety tips after dark

Sensational family vacations don't have to be pricey in Canada since our country is home to some of the most beautiful parks and campgrounds in the world.

Top 5 Mom Hacks for getting sunscreen onto your kids

You are not alone if you struggle to get sunscreen on your kids every summer. As parents we recognize the importance of sun protection, but sometimes the last thing our kids want to do is sit still long enough to get sunscreen applied to their face and body.

Life can get better after a stroke

June is Stroke Awareness Month and did you know that over 400,000 Canadians currently live with the effects of a stroke – and those include the mental, emotional, and physical challenges that impact the quality of life? There is good news in medical advancements however, so here's an update.

4 grooming basics all men should know

In earlier generations the art of grooming facial hair was generally passed down from father to son. For better or worse, grooming lessons were at the mercy of how skilled — or unskilled — your dad was with the shaver. But with bloggers, viral videos and that friend who must have secretly taken a barber class, gone are the days when you can only learn about hair maintenance at dad's elbow.