Perks Rewards








Welcome to Perks Rewards! There's never been a simpler rewards program!


To begin earning Perks Rewards just visit your local Super Thrifty pharmacy and fill out a Member Profile to get your Perks Rewards Card. Every time you make a purchase of $10 or more, you'll earn Perks Rewards. Once you've collected 15 Perks, redeem them instantly in-store for a $5 discount on you next $10 or more purchase at the Super Thrifty location where you earned your Perks points. 


Collect this many Perks Save this much money instantly
15 $5
30 $10
60 $20



 To earn even more Perks rewards, buy Option+ products.





Make every dollar count, visit your local Super Thrifty pharmacy and sign up for Perks Rewards today! 




  • To earn points, you must present your Perks Rewards number each time you make a purchase.
  • Perks Rewards members mut keep thier personal information file up to date by recording any change in name, address, etc. to thier Super Thrifty store. 
  • Earned points will be carried over annually. You will never lose a point of Perks Rewards.
  • Store employees, corporations and institutional accounts are not eligible of memberships. 
  • Perks Rewards will not sell or rent your name, address or personal information to any other company or organization. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) applies.
  • Super Thrifty Drugs Canada may cancel Perks Rewards at any time. 
  • Super Thrifty Drugs Canada, at its sole discretion, can select the merchandise included in this program without notice to members. 
  • Perks Rewards will not be issued on lottery, gift cards or stamps. Exclusions may vary by store.