High Blood Pressure (hypertension) is a condition which affects one billion people worldwide and leads to 7.5 million deaths annually from heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Specifically, increased blood pressure is the cause of 50% of cardiovascular disease, including more than 6 in 10 strokes and 13% of premature deaths overall; and 40% of deaths in people with diabetes.

What can I do to control my blood pressure?

High blood pressure can be caused by many factors, such as age, ethnicity and gender. Other factors, such as diet, exercise and smoking can be changed with lifestyle changes to reduce your risk for high blood pressure. It is also important to regularly monitor your blood pressure.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a measure of the pressure or force of blood against the walls of your blood vessels (known as arteries). Your blood pressure reading is based on two measures called systolic and diastolic. The systolic (top) number is the measure of the pressure force when your heart contracts and pushes out the blood. The diastolic (bottom) number is the measure of when your heart relaxes between beats.

Online Access

PharmaSmart Blood Pressure Tracker™ web portal allows you to access all of your Smart Card readings online. It also makes it easy for you to share your personal Blood Pressure Tracker™ page with your loved ones or healthcare provider. Like the PharmaSmart kiosk and the Smart Card, the Blood Pressure Tracker™ portal is easy to use, and is 100% confidential.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure

The PharmaSmart blood pressure check card lets you store up to 30 readings and you can get an average of your last 10 results every time. Since your blood pressure fluctuates during the day, this average will give you a more accurate reading.

The PharmaSmart blood pressure check card gives you more reliable results for you and your healthcare provider to make decisions. Quick, convenient and easy to use, we encourage you to use your card as often as possible at your local Super Thrifty location.

Get Started Today

  • Get a blood pressure check card from your local Super Thrifty pharmacist
  • Register the card with your Super Thrifty pharmacist
  • Visit the PharmaSmart Blood Pressure login page to view and track your results online

Remember, your Super Thrifty pharmacist is always at your service and will be happy to review your blood pressure information with you.

The PharmaSmart Blood Pressure kiosk allows you to test your blood pressure and monitor the results in the pharmacy or at home, online.