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Antibiotic resistance: what is it?

(NC) Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria change in such a way that the medications used to treat them become less effective and sometimes may not work at all.

There are a number of different things that can lead to antibiotic resistance, but a major contributor is the overuse of antibiotics in preventing or treating infections in people, animals and plants.

Unique gingerbread dip a must-try for holiday entertaining

fruit and dip on a plate

(NC) Whether you're hosting a fun and festive party or looking for the perfect end to a dinner with family, this tasty twist on gingerbread is an unexpected dessert that will leave everyone delighted. Lightly sweetened with naturally-sourced stevia and served with your favourite fruit, this calorie-conscious dip tastes deceivingly indulgent but won't add those dreaded holiday pounds.

Gingerbread DipMakes 8 servings

Ingredients:1 package (8 oz. or 225 g) reduced fat cream cheese, softened

How to make holiday cooking a little lighter

(NC) Tis' the season to indulge, but who says it can't be done with some moderation? Between the baked goods and the festive family meals, we tend to cheat on our fruits and vegetables with sugar overload.

This season, keep from over-indulging by simply finding substitutions in your favourite recipes. Use plain yogurt for sour cream, oats for bread crumbs, and almond beverage for high-fat dairy. These are just a few easy swaps you can make in your recipes that won't sacrifice taste, but will leave you feeling a little less guilty.

3 top tips for driving through a Canadian winter

vehicles on road in white out conditions

(NC) Now that winter is closing in, road conditions are far less than favourable. Are you and your car fully prepared for the deep-freeze challenges? If not, the following tips will help to keep you confident in the driver's seat:

1. Have the right equipment

Support a local business with your holiday shopping

(NC) Canadian households are getting ready to go shopping now that the holiday season is here. Whether for gifts, clothing, decorations, alcohol or food, it is estimated that in 2013 households spent an average of $1,800 in preparing for these few days of festivities.

Even though Christmas and the New Year are all about the importance of sharing and spending time with family and friends, this season is also associated with numerous purchases. Would you like your shopping to be more meaningful this year?

How to send holiday shipments successfully

person taping the bottom of a shipping box

(NC) Careful planning is the key to successful, on-time shipping during the busiest time of the year, no matter whether you're shipping across Canada or around the world.

“We're in the business of delivering promises,” says Jim MacIntosh, vice president of operations at a leading freight, parcel and logistics solutions provider, Purolator. “We handle and deliver more than a million shipments every day, so we encourage our customers to send their shipments early – and we stress the importance of proper packaging to help avoid any damage or breakage.”