Medicine Cabinet Clean Up

Leaving expired and unused drugs in your cabinet “just in case” can put anyone in your home - including pets and children - at risk for accidental ingestion, misuse or overdose. But don’t just throw out your meds like you do any other trash.   


Do instead:


  1.  Bring your prescription and over-the-counter medications to you local Super Thrifty Pharmacy where we can safely dispose of them.
  2.  Go through all the medicines you have at home.
  3.  Remove prescription medications that are old or that you no longer take.
  4.  Take out old or expired non-prescription medications, including cough/cold, pain, first aid, vitamin and herbal products.
  5.  Remove medicines no longer in their original containers or with labels that can't be read.
  6.  Remove medicines that have changed colour, smell or taste.
  7.  If you don’t know if a medicine is still good, ask your pharmacist.
  8.  Don’t throw medicine in the garbage - children or animals may get into it.
  9.  Don’t flush medicine down the toilet - it’s not good for the environment.