Keep Kids Safe from Everyday Household Chemicals

(NC) Did you know that household chemical products, including laundry and dishwasher pods, are among the top products responsible for injuries and deaths in children under the age of five? Young children are naturally curious and have a habit of putting things in their mouth, but even a small amount of a chemical product can be harmful. Bad taste and odours often aren't enough to keep kids away, so put safety first when you have little ones around by following these tips.

1. Take advantage of product safety features. Check that child-resistant closures are in good working order. Close the cap on the container all the way even if you set it down for just a moment. Remember that child-resistant doesn't mean child-proof.

2. Use kid-friendly products for arts and crafts. Just because you can buy arts and crafts materials in stores doesn't necessarily mean they're free from health and safety hazards. Buy kid-friendly products labelled for children's use and supervise their projects.

3. Store household chemicals safely. Never mix household chemical products together, as some mixtures can produce harmful gases. Store chemicals in their original containers and keep them locked away, where children cannot see or reach them. Try not to store products that may release harmful fumes or catch fire inside your home, like paints, solvents, gasoline, fuels or varnishes. Store them according to the instructions on the product's label in a separate building if you can, or in a well-ventilated area.

4. Have a teaching moment. Kids love learning, so teach them that hazard symbols mean “Danger! Don't touch.”

5. Be ready for an emergency. Post emergency phone numbers by your telephone and program the numbers into your phone.

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