Tips to Help You Remember Your Medication

Have you ever locked yourself out of your house? Reached for your wallet and realized you've left it at home? Misplaced your car keys? Congratulations, you're human and it is very human to forget. But forgetting your prescription medication can have very serious consequences. Your prescription is designed to help you recover and stay healthy in the future, it's important that you take it according to the directions given. 

Here are some tips to help you keep your meds on track:

  • Pill organizers are handy ways to keep on schedule. YOur local Super Thirfty Pharmacy has a wide variety to suit your needs. Keep them in a visible place like by the bathroom sink or at the breakfast table (out of reach of children of course).
  • Try to take your pills at the same time you do other daily tasks. If you need to take your medication in the morning, try taking it when you brush your teeth.
  • If you need to take pills during the day, consider setting an alarm on your watch or smartphone. 
  • Keep an extra supply of pills at work, in the car, or carry them on your person in case of an emergency. 
  • Keep a medication journal to record missed or lae dosses, or side effect you may be experiencing while taking it, then take your journal to your next appointment to discuss with your doctor.  
  • Check with your pharmacist before taking any over the counter medication. Some can interact with or reduce the effectiveness of your prescription medication. 
  • When travelling, carry your medication with you and not in your suitcase. Be sure to have enough to last your whole trip so you won't need to purchase it in an unfamiliar place. 

Ask your local Super Thrifty pharmacist about convenient packaging, custom preparation and compounding to help make it easier to manage your medication.