Cooler Temperatures Ideal for Starting a New Health Routine

(NC) Many of us take a break from our health goals over the summer, indulging in lazy weekends and our favourite treats. But with fall sending us back into our regular routines, you can look forward to achieving your goals with a few tips to keep you motivated.

Morning. Skipping breakfast is a bad habit that can lead to weight gain and lower energy. Make sure to grab something easy and nutritious to eat — like whole grain bread or cereal, digestive-boosting yogurt or fresh fruit — you can eat at home, on your commute or at the office.

Lunch time. Eating lunch at your desk is becoming increasingly common, but a break from your work is good for you and your productivity levels. Go for a walk, do some desk stretches or get an errand done. Even a short break makes a big difference.

Mid-afternoon. Check in with yourself so you don't resort to an unhealthy habit like smoking to cope with stress. Work-related stress is a major smoking trigger, but Combination Therapy can help increase your chances of quitting. “Combination Therapy is authorized by Health Canada and includes using the Nicoderm patch for ongoing support combined with Nicorette oral products to help control the sudden cravings that make quitting more difficult,” explains Dr. Richard Tytus, a family physician in Ontario.

Evening. Unwind from your day with a hobby or physical activity. A good rule of thumb is to exercise no more than three hours before bed so it doesn't disrupt your sleep. Prep healthy snacks and lunch for a smoother morning.

Night. Allow enough time for your body to rest, ideally seven to eight hours. For a good night's sleep, avoid screen time an hour before bed and practice some deep breathing or meditation.