Advisories and Recalls

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Informing the public of possible health hazards and enabling Canadians to make informed decisions concerning the continued use of consumer and marketed health products, including foreign products not authorized for sale in Canada and not found on the Canadian marketplace, but which may have entered the country through personal importation or by purchase over the Internet.


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One lot of Traditional Medicinals "Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea" herbal tea recalled because of potential contamination with Salmonella

Health Canada is advising Canadians that one lot of “Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea” herbal tea is being voluntarily recalled by Traditional Medicinals after a company supplier found Salmonella contamination in a tea ingredient (lemon myrtle leaf). An infection caused by Salmonella bacteria may pose serious health risks, particularly for young children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with weak immune systems.

Women taking birth control pills reminded to return any packages for replacement if the pills are missing or look unusual

In light of continuing complaints of quality issues involving certain prescription birth control pills, Health Canada is reminding women to check their packages of birth control pills. If you notice anything unusual in the package, such as missing or damaged pills, you should return the package to the pharmacy for replacement as soon as possible. Skipping a dose because the pill is missing, or taking a damaged (for example, chipped or fragmented) pill, may increase the risk of pregnancy because less active ingredient may be taken. It is important to get a replacement package as soon as possible to avoid missing any doses.

"Organic Traditions Shatavari Powder" sold at Choices Markets Yaletown in Vancouver, B.C., contaminated with Salmonella

Health Canada is advising Canadians that one lot of “Organic Traditions Shatavari Powder” is being voluntarily recalled by Advantage Health Matters Inc. Company testing found Salmonella bacteria contamination, which may pose serious health risks. According to Advantage Health Matters Inc., 13 units from the affected lot were distributed. Of the 13 units, only 2 packages, sold at Choices Markets Yaletown (1202 Richards Street) in Vancouver, B.C., have not been recovered.

Health Canada warns of safety hazards with several uncertified USB chargers

As part of a planned national sampling and compliance project, Health Canada tested a number of uncertified USB chargers. The following products were found to pose an unacceptable risk of electric shock and fire and are being recalled. This table will be updated if and when new products are recalled.

Sexual enhancement product "Leopard Miracle of Honey" may pose serious health risks

Health Canada is advising Canadians that two versions of the sexual enhancement product “Leopard Miracle of Honey” may pose serious health risks. Both versions are labelled as being approved by Health Canada, with NPN 80073650. Health Canada’s testing found that both versions of the product contain the undeclared prescription drug sildenafil. The product was not authorized to contain this prescription drug. Health Canada seized the products from two Ontario convenience stores located in Woodbridge, ON, and suspended the product licence.

Chipped pills in additional packages of Alysena 21 and 28 birth control pills

Further to a recent advisory about the recall of one lot of Alysena 28 birth control pills because of chipped pills, Health Canada is informing Canadians that all lots of both Alysena 21 and Alysena 28 may have chipped pills. Health Canada is reminding women to always check their pills carefully before taking them.

Drug and Alcohol Use During Spring Break

OTTAWA – It’s midway through the cold, dark winter months and many students in high schools, colleges and universities are planning their spring or March break vacations. As you get ready to spend time with your friends, remember the risks associated with alcohol and drug use and know what to do in an overdose situation.

Unauthorized kratom and sexual enhancement products seized from multiple George's Convenience stores in the Greater Toronto Area may pose serious health risks

Health Canada is advising Canadians that it has seized several health products, including one kratom and 16 sexual enhancement products, from multiple George’s convenience stores located in the Greater Toronto Area (Brampton, Maple, Markham and Woodbridge). These products are not authorized by Health Canada and may pose serious health risks.

Shortage of EpiPen (0.3 mg) auto-injector in Canada

OTTAWA – Pfizer Canada has advised Health Canada that there is currently a shortage of EpiPen auto-injectors in the 0.3 mg format (DIN 00509558). The shortage is reported to be due to a manufacturing disruption and is currently anticipated to be resolved by March 2, 2018. According to Pfizer, the shortage does not impact EpiPen Jr (0.15 mg) products, which remain available.