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Canada News Centre2018-04-10T15:35:58-04:00

URL: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/news/2018/01/health_canada_releasesresultsofvoluntaryeffortstoreducesodiuminp.html

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World Autism Awareness Day - April 2, 2018

World Autism Awareness Day is a time to recognize the unique challenges that people with autism and their families face, and how emerging research can advance our understanding of this disorder.Public Health Agency of Canada2018-03-29T15:24:27-04:00

Health Canada proposes to restrict the alcohol content of single-serve highly sweetened alcoholic beverages

The Government of Canada is concerned about the health risks of single-serve highly sweetened alcoholic beverages whose alcohol content is between 7% and 12%. These beverages, which are sold in large-volume, non-resealable containers, have colourful packaging, are inexpensive and are aggressively marketed in a manner that appeals to youth. Health Canada2018-03-19T13:34:16-04:00